Wednesday, 28 March 2018

What's On in Term 2

WHAT’S ON in Term 2 in Year 3 



 INQUIRY UNIT – “Awesome Australia”

This term we are undertaking an Inquiry Unit titled "Awesome Australia!" Our inquiry learning will be about the different natural environments in Australia, the living and non-living things within these environments and how people affect (and sometimes enhance) the balance of nature.

To complement our continued work on number processes and place value, the children will undertake learning about length and area, geometric reasoning, location and algebra! We shall continue to set a program where students participate in maths lessons with their own classroom teacher but twice a week students will be in mixed groups with potentially any of the Year 3 teaching staff. During Term 1, the students relished this opportunity to work with different students and teachers.


 Many wonderful things are happening with Literacy in Year 3. Via our rotated literacy groups, students improve their skills in reading, writing and speaking and listening. Our main writing genres in Term 2 are narratives, persuasive texts and information reports. We shall continue to do more VCOP related ‘Big Write’ sessions too. In Year 3 the students are choosing their own texts for reading at home however some students are being given prescribed texts to read and comprehend at home.


WORD and POWERPOINT are the main two programs the students will be using in Term 2. The students will be able to save and print work they have created. They will also be able to conduct their own research on the internet.



The homework routine will not change in Term 2. Everybody will have their weekly spelling words to practise plus one spelling activity and one maths activity to complete. Students are also to conduct their own personal reading at home and they are expected to write the titles of books they read into their Homework Books. The homework has been designed for Year 3 students to do independently but it is always great to see parents taking an interest in what their children are doing for homework.


NAPLAN is a National Assessment Program for all students in Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9. May 15th, 16th and 17th are the days set for NAPLAN. Our Year 3 students are already well prepared for this program from their first three full years of school. We shall communicate with parents prior to NAPLAN Week about any required details.


On Thursdays at noon we rotate our Year 3 classes across the four Year 3 teachers for a session of Sport or Garden Science. Over a four week rotation every students will be taught by every Year 3 teacher.

April 16th                        First Day of Term
April 17th                        School Photo Day
April 25th                        ANZAC Day holiday
April 30th                        Curriculum Day
May 2nd                          Whole School Blue Bush Bash
May 21st                         Year 3 Beach Excursion
June 11th                        Queen’s Birthday holiday
Week beginning June 18th      Expo of Year 3 Projects
June 26th                        Whole School Opera Invisit
June 29th                        Last Day of Term