Sunday, 22 July 2018

What's on in Term 3 in Year 3

WHAT’S ON in Term 3 in Year 3 



This term we are embracing one of the newest initiatives in global education. STEAM is an acronym meaning Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics! This inquiry unit is based on physical science. The students will extend on their knowledge of push and pull forces yet embrace the practices and information associated with the five STEAM strands. We shall be creating inventions and designing and testing a variety of scientific experiments. Exciting times loom in Term 3 for Year 3 in 2018!

During Term 3 all Year 3 students will receive explicit instruction on multiplication, division, addition and subtraction. The students will also have opportunities to learn more strategies to work with these operations and to successfully calculate equations and solve problems. We shall also be working with symmetry and the collection, representation and interpretation of data.


Our literacy programs continue to evolve with a blend of different dynamics and routines. All Year 3 classrooms operate streamed literacy groups with weekly guided reading activities. The Year 3 teachers are also committed to have an individual personal reading conference with each student every fortnight.
The students will continue to plan, create and up-level in VCOP Big Write sessions. We shall also focus on Poetry and Procedural Texts in Term 3. Our SMART Spelling Program is functioning consistently across our whole school. There is a focus on a new spelling principle each week and this is reflected via our chosen words for weekly homework.
Speaking and Listening are very important literacy skills. In Year 3 at GPS we take pride in giving our students opportunities to develop these skills in a variety of settings and dynamics. Students who speak and listen well are generally alert and engaged learners.

The Year 3 students will be using the Stop Motion App, amongst other functions, on iPads this term. All students will also continue having personal use of our Year 3 laptop computers, developing their skills with WORD and POWERPOINT. The students will be able to save and print work they have created. They will also be able to conduct their own research on the internet.  


The homework routine will not change in Term 3. Everybody will have their weekly spelling words to practise plus one spelling activity and one maths activity to complete. Students are also to conduct their own personal reading at home and they are expected to write the titles of books they read into their Homework Books. The homework has been designed for Year 3 students to do independently but it is always great to see parents taking an interest in what their children are doing for homework.
On Thursdays at 12noon we rotate our Year 3 classes across the four Year 3 teachers for a session of Sport or Garden Science. Over a four week rotation every student will be taught by every Year 3 teacher.


July 16             Term 3 begins
July 17             CodingBotics Incursion
July 31              Curriculum Day
August 7          Woodwork Incursion
August 21-23  One Little Cup Musical days and nights
August 31        Fathers’ Day Breakfast
Sept 3              Poetry Week
Sept 10            Celebrating HERRRBY Week
Sept 19            Year 3 STEAM Expo
Sept 21            Last Day of Term 3 (Footy Fever Day)